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In November 1993, four bishops of the Pentecostal community had a conversation while traveling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania regarding the need for training of Pentecostal Bishops-elect for the office to which they had been called. One of the hallmark statements by one of the bishops was: “A person becomes a bishop without any idea of what the bishopric entails. There is no rehearsal, no trial period, and no sampling of their skills in administration. And, there certainly is no way of knowing how that bishop will deal with other pastors who shall be committed to his care.”

It was this observation along with their devotion to the office of episcopacy that motivated these four bishops to do something about their discomforts.  Their solution was to form an organization later called The Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops.  Initially, they envisioned this organization offering education, training and accountability to all those that directed their hopes and ambitions towards attaining the office of a bishop in the Lord’s church.


It was during this initial conception and inception gathering and motivated by a sense of urgency that those bishops, Bishop Wilbert McKinley, Bishop Roy Brown and Bishop Paul S. Morton agreed the Presiding Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II, Primate of the United Pentecostal Churches of Christ, would serve as a Chairman and conveyer of a “College of Bishops” for Pentecostal Prelates with a special emphasis on African-American Bishops. Since that initial meeting and because of the vision, passion and unwavering commitment to excellence embedded in Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II, the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops has grown into the premiere development center for the Episcopacy in the African American culture specifically and the global Lord’s church generally.


Without question, the core value of the Joint College is maintaining a standard of excellence for all those who hold the title and operate in an Episcopal office.  This standard includes a fierce devotion to the integrity of the presentation of God’s Word, the administration and care of the Lord’s Church, the equitable oversight of ecclesiastical leadership and an unwavering commitment to moral integrity for all concerned.

The Joint College seeks to accomplish the implementation of these core values through a comprehensive program of training college sessions offered twice annually in March and September.  The college also offers Adjutant school, a Helpmeet and Episcopal companions forum, Episcopal Installation Services to Reformations; a Scholarship Program, an International College events reconnecting the American Episcopacy with the global church.


The Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops works to insure that all those who matriculate to the College will leave equipped with the knowledge, skills and temperament that will qualify them to represent our Lord Jesus Christ.  They will do so with excellence in administration, compassionate and loving care of people and all with a view of furthering the cause and mission of the Lord’s church.


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