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Today, the 21st Century Pastor is called to his/her “giftedness” as it is birthed from the model of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. But he/she must now add to that, the tasks of performing sacred rites of passage (i.e. baptism, weddings, funerals) serving as CEO, and representing the church within the community.  He/she is now responsible to cast vision, galvanize the people, and to oversee the execution of the same.


It is in consideration of these realities, that this expanded educational model has been developed to address “pastoral preparedness, training and accountability.”  This approach moves beyond mere biblical and theological training to include spiritual, social, psychological, ethical, legal, economical, and business components. It will address contemporary issues in ministry and society which hinder holistic church growth.


Commissioned by our Metropolitan Archbishop J. Delano Ellis II, the Pastor’s Enrichment Program advances the vision of our founding fathers to now provide continuing education and training to Pastors who have been chosen to lead God’s people with “fresh” knowledge, insight, and systematic foresight.


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