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“Overseers, (Presiding Elders, District Superintendents, District Elders) are the immediate right arms of the Bishop within his/her Diocese, Jurisdiction or Episcopal District.  They are appointed by the Bishop but without Episcopal jurisdiction or consecration.  They preside over the temporal and disciplinary affairs of their assigned districts at the pleasure of their Diocesan.  They have no inherent right or authority to ordain, consecrate or make appointments seeing that their prelature is granted by the Episcopate having oversight.  
“The classes for this level of prelature teaches the Overseer how to walk this leadership tightrope while developing his/her skills in leadership.  In most Reformations Bishops are selected from the ranks of Overseers when need arises for Episcopal appointment. The Joint College helps to prepare one for such eventualities while teaching loyalty and obedience to Superiors at the same time.”


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