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Your interest and application is more than welcomed and we look forward to receiving you this year as one of hundreds of Episcopates, Prelates and Servants in this prestigious, exclusive school of learning. You may have been in attendance in years past or this may be your first time; in any event, you will never forget the experience of being in an "Assembly of the Holy" such as the "Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops' Congress."

There are several ground-rules that you might want to observe as you attend the Annual Congress.

  1. You must register for the Congress, even before choosing your hotel, so that you can be assured of admission into the sessions and text books, badge, etc. Registration can be done on-line at our website at

  2. Each Class will be formal. Academicians must be on time for each session. Lateness for classes carry a financial penalty. Our Instructors and Presenters work all year preparing to give you the best information and material and it is incumbent upon you to be timely for the sessions so that you can receive maximum benefit. Additionally, Cell Phones must be in the OFF position during class, chapel or lectures. Ringing of the phone is also cause for a fine.

  3. Each Bishop and/or Cleric is required to vest, daily, in Black Tonsorial; (Black Suit, Black Clerical Shirt or Rabat with White Collar, Black Shoes and Socks or appropriate hosiery for females; Black Suit with a Skirt or Clerical Dress with Black Clerical Blouse or Rabat, and Black Pumps or appropriate Shoes for our Sisters in Episcopacy or Ministry). No person may wear any colors with their Tonsorial except Members of the Advisory Board and the Executive Board. The Members of these Boards may wear the Roman Purple Breast (Blouse, Shirt or Rabat) at any time during the Congress.

  4. Bishops are the only persons allowed to wear a Pectoral Cross with Chain (Gold or Silver). Overseers, Adjutant-Overseers, Adjutants, Administrative Assistants, and other Clergy are restricted to the Nylon Cords and Silver Cross of their distinctive offices. Episcopal Ring and Wedding Rings are the only rings permissible during the Congress. Costume jewelry is not in order and small pearl, gold or silver studs are the only earrings permitted (on females ONLY) while in Tonsorial or Sacred Vestments.

  5. Wednesday Evening is the most formal service of the College. Divine Liturgy and the Annual Sermon is delivered by an invited guest of the Metropolitan-Archbishop. The uniform for that service is Choir Dress for Bishops and Overseers; Cassock and Surplice for Ordained Elders; and Alb with Deacon's Stole for Ordained Deacons. The Annual Processional will begin at Half Past Six o'clock in the Post Meridian (P.M.) and all credentialed delegates are expected to be in place at the hour of worship.

When you register for the Congress, please make certain that you let us know your rank in the Church so that your badge can be printed correctly. Be prepared to prove your office if questioned and remember that you will not be allowed into any of the sessions without having been registered. There will be registration-on-site for those who might be running late, but that will be limited to the very few.

We pray that you will find yourself in God's favor and blessings in this ensuing year. Know of our love and respect for you in the Lord's work and be assured of our continued prayers.


Your Chief-servant,

Most Reverend J. Delano Ellis, II, D.D.​​​


Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops

Q: Are registrations refundable?
A:  Registrations are NOT refundable. They are transferrable, within the SAME year. They can
be transferred from one person to another within the same year, but they CAN NOT be
transferred to another year.

Q: I’m trying to complete my registration but can’t find it?
A: You MUST either have your confirmation number or the email address you used to start the
registration process.


Q: Does the College start on Monday or Tuesday?
A: The College begins on Tuesday at noon with the Bishop’s Symposium for everyone except
Adjutants. They have classes beginning at 9:00 am on Tuesday.


Q: When does online registration increase for the 2022 Congress?

A: December 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm (EST).


Q: When does online registration close?
A: Monday, February 14, 2022 at 11:59 pm (EST).

Q: If I paid my deposit at the last year’s college, why am I not registered?
A: You are not registered until you are paid in full. A deposit is not a complete registration.

Q: I have not been consecrated as Bishop yet, can I still register for the Freshman Bishop’s track?
A: Yes. However, you must have a “Letter of Intent” from your Presiding Bishop. You will
register as a Freshman Bishop and this letter is what you will submit as your credentials in
the registration process.


Q: Will there be a shuttle from the other hotels to the host hotel?
A: Yes, there will be shuttle buses to the host hotel and to the Wednesday night service from
the other hotels. Transportation schedules will be provided.

Q: What is the attire for the College?
A: Bishops, Overseers, Adjutants, and Prelates of every rank are called upon to wear
the Black Tonsorial (Black Shirt/Blouse) with the Black Suit (unadorned), Black Shoes
and Stockings/Sox to every session. Purple is reserved for the Board Members of
the Joint College. Red is to be worn by Archbishops – ONLY. Chains, attached to a
Pectoral Cross, are reserved for CONSECRATED BISHOPS – ONLY! Chords must be
black unless one has Apostolic Dispensation (Permission or appointment from your
own Presiding Bishop or Denomination) to do so. 


The Ladies of the Helpmeets Classes are exempt from wearing Clerical Vestments if
they don’t feel inclined to do so.

Administrative Assistants are to wear black suits if you do not fall into any of the
former categories.

Wednesday evening is the Primary Worship Experience and it will be held at
Pentecostal Church of Christ and requires Full Choir Dress (Cassock, Rochet, Chimere
and Zucchetto).


Q: Is lunch included in the Registration?

A: No. Registration includes your registration materials and your name badge ONLY.


Q: Can partial payments be made for registration?
A: Yes. However, your registration is NOT complete until it is paid in full. If you are registering
via your mobile phone, you WILL NOT be able to make partial payments. The mobile
registration does not allow partial payments.

Q: What's the closest Airport?

A: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport | Airport Code: CLE

Don't see your questions answered here? Please submit a question below and we will do our best to get all questions answered, either via email or added to the list fo FAQs.​

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